Dachshund Health

Dachshunds are a very special breed. They are compact, energetic, and very willing to take on any challenge. The breed standard even stales that they should be "...brave to the point of rashness." So, it is not unusual, given their long backs and low slung bodies that they can have some health concerns. It is our effort as a breed club to find and share as much health information as possible so that all of our beloved Dachshunds can live a long and healthy life.


Below, you will find links to sites about health problems that may occur in the breed and studies that have been conducted. Our club does not endorse any of these organizations we just want to offer as much information as we can so that owners and, most especially breeders, can be fully informed to insure that future Dachshund generations are as healthy as they can be.

Intervertebral Disc Disease - IVDD

The Intervertebral discs link the vertebral bodies (or vertebrae) of the spine. Their main function is to stabilize the vertebral bodies, but they also act as shock absorbers when force is applied to the spinal column.

Dachshund IVDD is a site from the UK: http://www.dachshund-ivdd.uk/ You will find links to information on the problem, current and past studies done, and current screening ideas. Always an informative site

Other Possible Health Issues:

Eye Problems: http://dachshealth.org/eye_problems.htm

Blindness: http://dachshealth.org/gene_therapy_for_one_form_of_hum.htm

Von Willebrand’s Disease: http://dachshealth.org/von_willebrand.htm

Idopathic Epilepsy: http://dachshealth.org/idiopathic_epilepsy.htm


Seizure Disorders: http://dachshealth.org/seizure_disorders.htm

MPS -IIIa: http://www.animalabs.com/shop/dogs/mps-mucopolysaccharidosis-iiia-dachshund/

Lafora: http://laforadogs.org/



OFA link with links to genetic testing possibilities: http://www.ofa.org/index.html